I have been designing and creating T-Shirts for the online store Neateeshirts.com with my friend and business partner Linnaea Mallette. We thought it might be a good idea to have an offer for our visitors. We thought about writing a T-shirt care book because when you buy a shirt that is unique and one-of-a-kind, you do not want to have it ruined by bad laundry or other decisions. So I proceeded to write the book, then publish it to Kindle. I am pleased to say we promoted the book today and it became a number 1 AMAZON BEST SELLER! What fun!. Now we will beRead More →

creative t-shirt from Neateeshirts

I have discovered that I have fun creating and designing t-shirts that talk. What do I mean by that? T-shirts that talk are those that say things I believe, I think are funny, speak the things everyone knows, but maybe forgot and do not focus on any negative ideas. “Joy is in the Journey” “Just Get Happy and See What Happens” “Be Free”  “Creativity is Intelligence …”  “Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open” You can see the newest additions to the collection at our Neatees Store. Love this stuff! Enjoyable to think up, find and replicate and design with artwork from cooperative components. I use freeRead More →