While I was in London, England, walking the local area, I happened on a scene of children in a Fountain. I took several photographs of them playing and I was pleased with the results of a couple of them. © Photographer: Circe Denyer | Agency: Dreamstime.com I am a contributor to Dreamstime Stock Photography and they accepted these two pictures for my portfolio. In the area I was walking with two friends, we saw street dancers, musicians, and many, many children. We were near The Eye, the monstrously huge Ferris wheel with enclosed buckets for the riders. It was a fun day near the ThemesRead More →

creative t-shirt from Neateeshirts

I have discovered that I have fun creating and designing t-shirts that talk. What do I mean by that? T-shirts that talk are those that say things I believe, I think are funny, speak the things everyone knows, but maybe forgot and do not focus on any negative ideas. “Joy is in the Journey” “Just Get Happy and See What Happens” “Be Free”  “Creativity is Intelligence …”  “Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open” You can see the newest additions to the collection at our Neatees Store. Love this stuff! Enjoyable to think up, find and replicate and design with artwork from cooperative components. I use freeRead More →

A Dolfin was born in the Chicago Shedd Aquarium. It is normal and natural for dolphins to birth their young. We, as humans find this amazing. Enjoy this experience as those who were in the Aquarium did.Read More →

Cat Cataract

I have one non-cataract eye. I recently had surgery on my right eye to remove and replace the lens that had developed a thick cataract. The cataract was thick that the tests to measure my eye for the proper new lens had to be done with a sonogram. Even with that technology, the technician said it was hard to get the measurements. Two Types of Cataracts I had two different types of cataracts in the eye. I didn’t know there were types and I was not aware that they could double up. In the end, it didn’t change the diagnosis and subsequent treatment. I got theRead More →