Become Self-Published Santa Clarita Workshop for Self-Publishing

You can become self-published. Now, don’t scrunch up your nose in disbelief. Help is on the way. With my four-hour self-publishing workshop, you can get the tools you need – INFORMATION – to publish your own work. It will not look like you did it in the back room of your house and the satisfaction of the result will make you feel amazing. Did you know that you need at least three people in addition to yourself to create an outstanding looking book? Did you know that getting your own ISBN is NOT always a have to have but the choices have consequences? These thingsRead More →

Self-Publishing Workshop

Self Publishing Workshop in the Planning Stage. Have you written a book? Are you in the publishing stage? Do you know about self-publishing? Many new authors are already making money online because they got their book online and on sale with self-publishing. I am planning a Self-Publishing workshop, on May 20th in Santa Clarita.  It will cover all the things you need to know before you decide who will publish your book. Limited seats available and this is an advantage for the students. There will be time for questions and personal attention. Here are the details: I am a passionate author who wants others toRead More →

Why is this My Favorite Image from a Fellow Photographer? It is the light. Weh I look at his image I see the reflected light in the “suds” on the beach. The angle that this photo was taken enhances the light in a way that is remarkable! Photographer Linnaea Mallette captured this very well I was there too, but, I have not seen any of my shots like this. This photograph can be purchased from and used for anything you want. It is available in a lower resolution as a free download. I recommend the higher resolution for print work –you will not beRead More →

Our Inspiration Our newest shirt, “Incredible things happen over coffee” and it’s limited edition “Incredible things happen over Irish  coffee” were inspired by One of the designers at Neatees,  watching a TV series called The Pacific. There was a scene of two Marines discussing their best coffee story.  Because stories from movies move us, we decided to create a new shirt for our coffee t-shirts line of products. You can read the full blog post from Neateeshirts.  Read More →

My Budwig blender

The Budwig Mixture Today I gave a talk on using the Budwig protocol for health and the benefits it gave me. I spoke about the mixture a little after the meeting and many asked about the contraption I used to mix the two ingredients. Well, here it is. It has been the easiest to use and clean. I only have used the “winged” blades, shown here. It is real easy to clean and dry for next use. The blades have slots and the mechanism is run by the operator pulling on the string-connected cap on the top (seen as a round cap in green). You can readRead More →

backup iphone

Do you own an i”Product”? Like iPhone, iPad? Have you ever wanted to grab the photos and back them up? Have you ever wanted to copy files to the iPhone or stream from another source? This little stick will help. This connects to your phone and with the app, stores, restores, streams media and takes your backup worries away. I watched a YouTube Video from a tech tester and I realized it is a good product for easy backup and restore. Video playback from the device is fast due to the USB3.0 interface.Read More →

My favorite ocean view from the balcony of a cruise ship room was one looking straight down on the water. The colors and the movement were breathtaking. I love the color turquoise. This image has all the shades of this color and I cannot get enough of it. The movement of the water is something I have a hard time expressing. It is a feeling of power, gentle pounding, and rhythm. Perfect for the soothing of the soul and calming of the spirit. The ocean is a healing element of nature. When I experience the sound, the feel and the smell of the salt waterRead More →

The Cat Laughed book Cover

Self-publishers, those that write books, non-fiction and fictional, need the support of a few people to make the end product a great work. Writers are the creators. The support people are the ones that can take that creation and make it readable, beautiful and correct grammatically. Here I am going to talk about the four main support people every writer should use before publishing the work into printed or electronic form. A writer has what is commonly called a manuscript. It is the body and heart of the work that will become the printed book. This manuscript should be reviewed by someone who is notRead More →

cows on a dark t-shirt

  I read once that people whose faces are symmetrical, even on each side of the nose, are more attractive. I suppose that is true and I suppose that we see that unconsciously. When I see a drawing, I immediately know if I will like it on a shirt. My business partner has this trait in spades. Often I see something I like and when I show it to her, she jumps or says, “meh”. The picture at the left was the original I located on Pixabay. My business partner loved it and so I began the process of making it ready for a t-shirtRead More →