Non-Cataract Eye, A Difference in Sight

Cat Cataract

Non-Cataract Eye, A Difference in Sight

I have one non-cataract eye. I recently had surgery on my right eye to remove and replace the lens that had developed a thick cataract. The cataract was thick that the tests to measure my eye for the proper new lens had to be done with a sonogram. Even with that technology, the technician said it was hard to get the measurements.

Two Types of Cataracts

I had two different types of cataracts in the eye. I didn’t know there were types and I was not aware that they could double up. In the end, it didn’t change the diagnosis and subsequent treatment. I got the idea that my recognition that there was a problem with my eye happened as an accidental discovery, was a surprise to the medical personnel. I think I was supposed to recognize it sooner.

Cataract Went Unnoticed

My life is pretty healthy and I rarely find a need to visit the doctor. So, my cataract went unnoticed. I happened upon it while driving. My left eye itched and when I went to rub it, I noticed a large area of my right eye was shrouded in a fog.

A New Lens

When the new lens was surgically placed, the first thing I noticed was everything was now High_Def. Everything. Colors are brighter and the clarity is superior. I notice details I have not seen in a very long time. One example is the highway asphalt on a transition from one freeway to another. I saw that the pavement was very dark black — not like new pavement, but like it had been scorched. I checked it out as I drove over it. Was sure a car had caught fire there. No, it was just oil, tire black or other road stuff. I saw it again a few hundred feet later.

Also, I also see that my phone has a very colorful screen. Watching video or looking at photographs on it look wonderfully clear.

Now, I call it my bionic eye. It is a welcome addition. I am grateful for the surgeon and staff that helped me to “see clearly” now. The fog is gone.

I recommend this easy surgery. It is a common one for the surgeons and risk factors are low. I expect to get the second eye done in the future.