I have been designing and creating T-Shirts for the online store Neateeshirts.com with my friend and business partner Linnaea Mallette. We thought it might be a good idea to have an offer for our visitors. We thought about writing a T-shirt care book because when you buy a shirt that is unique and one-of-a-kind, you do not want to have it ruined by bad laundry or other decisions. So I proceeded to write the book, then publish it to Kindle. I am pleased to say we promoted the book today and it became a number 1 AMAZON BEST SELLER! What fun!. Now we will beRead More →

I Want to Succeed with Mauirce Dimino

I Want to Succeed I recently joined Maurice Dimino’s Master Class called Elevate Your Authority. I want to succeed. This class gives me the tools I need to become an authority on the subjects I am good at. I love it because I knowing the best how-to information on the web has much to do with who you know. AND Maurice Dimino knows many of those that know how and what, to succeed. Because I would love to succeed and get it right, when I listened to Maurice talk about the how and what he has planned for his Masterclass, I was sure it wasRead More →

TAX DAY SALE! Get 15% off everything at MyIdentifiers.com This sale ends soon — Act Now! Discount Code: DEDUCTION Time is running out on this special discount offer, so you must act quickly. In honor of tax season, Bowker is offering you a deduction — a 15% discount on the tools to help you get your book published, discovered, and purchased. Here is just a sample of the products and services we offer: ISBNs for each format of your book, print or digital Barcodes you’ll need for each printed book CopyrightsNow app: your do-it-yourself app for copyright registration Book2Look Biblet: an online tool for sharingRead More →

Become Self-Published Santa Clarita Workshop for Self-Publishing

You can become self-published. Now, don’t scrunch up your nose in disbelief. Help is on the way. With my four-hour self-publishing workshop, you can get the tools you need – INFORMATION – to publish your own work. It will not look like you did it in the back room of your house and the satisfaction of the result will make you feel amazing. Did you know that you need at least three people in addition to yourself to create an outstanding looking book? Did you know that getting your own ISBN is NOT always a have to have but the choices have consequences? These thingsRead More →