Best Cat Litter Reviews Story Finding the Right Litter for the Money

Best Cat Litter Reviews Story Finding the Right Litter for the Money

I have a ‘best cat litter review’ story for you.

I have one cat. She is very good about being alone for many days in a row without getting upset or undone about her cat litter box. I am grateful for that.

I have noticed that if the box has a strong odor, she does sit in front of it and make noisy meows. I do not propose to know what my cat is saying, but, on one occasion, I was in the room when her meows got very loud and I noticed her sitting in front of the box. As I started to change the litter, she stopped meowing and settled down and watched.

I decided to investigate cat litter and what others found to work best. This took time. The cat litter companies all think theirs does the best job with odor. One was even saying best cat litter for odor control. That particular one was the worst at odor control. Funny huh?

I started by checking out the brand a friend was using. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter. I got it on sale from Amazon. The dust from it was minimal, which is why my friend used it for her cat that had Asthma. The odor control was great. The only downside to the litter was the cost when it was not on sale. The price was double what I had paid and I had a difficult time justifying the price.

The dust was almost non-existent. The litter was a lifesaver when I was away for 10 days. I filled the litterbox before I left and when I got back, the odor was minimal. Even the cat was happy.


I used the Breeze system for years. Worked flawlessly. It is a completely unique way of dealing with cat urine. The cat pees and it falls through a grid onto an absorbent mat. The mat is held in a tray that pulls out. If the mat is replaced once a week, the absorbent mat does not drip. You can slide it into a plastic bag for disposal. I did spray and clean the tray when the mat was changed. The odor was almost non-existent. This has been the best system I have ever used. It lasted longer between changes than any other system I used.  The cat got used to the pellets right away. Cleaning the feces was easy because it sits on top of the pellets. I stopped using it because the disposable mats became very expensive. Now, Amazon is selling the mats under their Amazon Basics products.

These are $12.49 for 20. Breeze pads are $62.21 for 10 pads. I may go back to this system. The other cost comes from buying the pellets. The pellets have to be changed periodically.  As I recall, it was about once a month.


My quest for inexpensive cat litter that does not produce lots of dust – not because my cat has asthma, but because I do not like the dust when I change out the litter. So, this month, I ordered cat litter from Amazon Basics. I will not know for a week or so if it is as good as the Dr. Elsey’s. I did notice it is low dust producing. Unfortunately, this product is not available from Amazon at this time.

So there you have it, the adventures of finding the best cat litter.



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