About Me

All about Me

About Me Photograph by Linnaea MalletteI have learned that there are two things people want to know about me; where I got my name and how tall I am.

My name comes form a story in Greek Mythology, Odysseus, by Homer. She was the Siren that turned the sailors into pigs. Yes, it is my real name.

I am 5’11” almost. I am shrinking a little every year.

Here are some other things about me.

Circe Denyer, is a Photographer, Writer, Speaker, Self-Publisher Support Consultant, Computer security, Toastmaster DTM, Book Formatter and T-shirt designer.

I love that I can decide to have a good day and make it happen. I love that the Law of Attraction is a powerful Law that helps me to get what I want. I love that my purpose in life is joy.