I have a ‘best cat litter review’ story for you. I have one cat. She is very good about being alone for many days in a row without getting upset or undone about her cat litter box. I am grateful for that. I have noticed that if the box has a strong odor, she does sit in front of it and make noisy meows. I do not propose to know what my cat is saying, but, on one occasion, I was in the room when her meows got very loud and I noticed her sitting in front of the box. As I started to changeRead More →

We have friends that ask for the design of specific tees, and we are happy to comply. In fact,  if you suggest a tee design that becomes part of our inventory, you receive 25% off the tee when you purchase it. Some of the designs made by special request are for commercial use. We did a Mary Kay Consultant shirt, A book launch shirt with the cover of the book on it. A special request came in for a birthday present for a famous composer.     It is a joy to design these shirts and to see the owner use it for their promotion.  Read More →

I have been designing and creating T-Shirts for the online store Neateeshirts.com with my friend and business partner Linnaea Mallette. We thought it might be a good idea to have an offer for our visitors. We thought about writing a T-shirt care book because when you buy a shirt that is unique and one-of-a-kind, you do not want to have it ruined by bad laundry or other decisions. So I proceeded to write the book, then publish it to Kindle. I am pleased to say we promoted the book today and it became a number 1 AMAZON BEST SELLER! What fun!. Now we will beRead More →

I Want to Succeed with Mauirce Dimino

I Want to Succeed I recently joined Maurice Dimino’s Master Class called Elevate Your Authority. I want to succeed. This class gives me the tools I need to become an authority on the subjects I am good at. I love it because I knowing the best how-to information on the web has much to do with who you know. AND Maurice Dimino knows many of those that know how and what, to succeed. Because I would love to succeed and get it right, when I listened to Maurice talk about the how and what he has planned for his Masterclass, I was sure it wasRead More →